Windshield Replacement

7 Steps of Installation
One of the most important steps on a successful installation, pre-inspection can mean the difference between a safe or unsafe installation. Our technicians inspect the vehicle for any damage to the body that may impair their ability to safely install the glass. If they anticipate any issues with the installation, they will let the customer know before proceeding to the next step of the process.

Once the tech has inspected the vehicle, they will apply all appropriate measures to ensure no damage is done to the vehicle. Our number one priority when installing a new windshield is to return the vehicle in better condition then what we started with. 

Removal - 
The removal step of the installation procedure has always been the most difficult. However, the introduction of power tools and new hand tools has greatly eased our technicians jobs. Using cutting edge technology for removal greatly reduces the chance of any scratches to the vehicle.

Preparation includes the two surfaces to be bonded, the glass and the metal pinch-weld. This is a very important step. Improperly preparing the surfaces can mean the failure of the bond, resulting in leaks, or worse, the glass part separating from the metal completely. It's vital that all dust, dirt, oils and greases are removed from both surfaces. 

Installation -
Installation consists of the application of the urethane, the setting of the glass in the opening and the installation of the decorative moldings and cowl. To guarantee the best results, our technicians use a triangular adhesive bead. This ensures a smooth and solid bond to the glass, with no bubbles or air spaces.

Cleanup -
As far as the customer is concerned, cleanup is the most important step. It is our expectation that we leave the vehicle cleaner than the way you left it with us.

Post-inspection -
This step includes tool inventory, extra parts, paperwork and customer instructions. We will give the customer instructions on drive-away times, carwashes, tape removal and warranty information. At this time we conduct a critical inspection of our work, noting any unusual circumstances such as rust, body deformity, or customer concerns.​

Chip Repairs

Windshield chip repair is a deceptively simple process. Although technicians with the right tools can get the job done in minimal time, there is actually quite a bit of specialty work that goes in to making a windshield look like new, while maintaining a windshields structural integrity.


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How Windshield Chip Repair Works

A chip in a windshield is filled with a resin that looks and feels just like glass. First, specialty tools are used to drill small holes into the damaged glass. Then all the air is suctioned out to create a miniature vacuum on your car's windshield and finally the resin is injected into strategic locations.

The resin is allowed to set for a period of time (typically 5 to 10 minutes depending on weather conditions). This gives it the time needed to change from a liquid to a solid adhesive, holding the glass together and giving the windshield back its required strength.  After the resin is set, we would typically polish the resin to ensure it blends into the existing as well as it possibly can. As always, our final step is to thoroughly clean and inspect the entire windshield looking for any other issues that may cause you problems down the road.